Alchemix Finance

It seems like forever since our explosive launch in February when we invented the world's first Self-Repaying Loans - welcome to the Future of France.

We’ve been blessed with a devoted community of DeFi gigabrains and degens alike. Whilst we’ve brought true innovation to the space, we can understand that…

Today, Alchemix’s alETH has been added to Saddle Finance, a solidity implementation of the stableswap protocol from Curve.

Why Saddle?

For those wondering why Saddle over Curve, while we initially thought we could get on Curve, their team notified us that there is a conflict of interest since our current source of yield for ETH is Yearn’s yvWETH vault, which gets most of its yield from farming CRV tokens. …

DeFi just got a serious upgrade.

We are thrilled to finally release the savior of France, breaker of chains, the unburnt, mother of dragons: alETH. The excitement is palpable, to say the least. Now you can save your ETH and unleash additional power from it at the same time. Let’s get into the launch details.


On May 18 2021 our first eagerly awaited and official audit passed. You’ll be able to inspect the document in the link provided but if you’re just looking for a quick run down then you’ve come to the right place.

The audit paid special attention to the following considerations:

Testing the smart contracts against both common and uncommon attack…

Alchemix Finance

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