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Alchemix opens up a host of financial options for its users. Take a look below to see what it has to offer.

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With over 6 months of planning and production, ideation and consolidation, we are thrilled to finally share what we have been hard at work creating. Alchemix, an ancient power in a modern time(™)

Alchemix is a DeFi protocol that allows for the creation of synthetic tokens that represent the future yield of a deposit. It enables users to retrieve near instant tokenized value against temporary* deposits of stablecoins. A magic money potion if you will, however one that is crafted in Defi with perhaps a sprinkling of ancient wisdom(!). …

As decentralised finance gathers pace, development teams are navigating their way through an open sea of possibilities, exploring an unspoiled world. It’s fascinating to observe how entirely new ‘value’ infrastructures evolve as they gravitate towards replacing legacy finance and its relatively narrow selection of retail packaged financial services.

One could imagine just how perplexed the uninitiated would feel wrestling with the numerous complex opportunities DeFi currently has to offer, even in its current state of infancy.

Some might argue that DeFi’s most primitive offerings are that of lending services. People who are accustomed to borrowing against the strength of their…


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