AAVE vault integration

Alchemix Finance
1 min readAug 1, 2022

AAVE Vault strategies are now live on Alchemix. The addition of these vaults adds further yield sources to our continually expanding ecosystem.

The global deposit cap for each asset has been kept the same or reduced by taking unused cap space from the Yearn-strategy vaults. Keeping the global deposit caps the same is intended to control risks that the repayment and liquidation caps also address.

Our AAVE strategies have been audited by Runtime Verification, hence the large initial deposit caps.

In tandem with our new Vault strategies, we will be releasing our new Vault Migration tool. This will allow you to automatically swap your funds between vaults in the most efficient way.

For further explanation of the launch parameters and further information, see AIP-52 (https://forum.alchemix.fi/public/d/333-aip-52-alchemix-aave-strategy-launch-configuration) and the developer docs (https://alchemix-finance.gitbook.io/v2/)

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