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2 min readMar 22, 2022


By opening up functionality of the Alchemix v2 contract, we’ll be attracting the growing interest from other protocols who wish to integrate our platform, adding capital efficiency to their treasuries and beyond.

A new wave of innovation will emerge, fuelled by those wishing to build directly on top of the power to harness future yield. Almost impossible to predict; the direction of the Alchemix ecosystem is not something you want to take your eyes off!

Security first

Alchemix v1 only allows individual users’ wallets (externally-owned accounts or EOAs) to interact with our contracts, and has an emergency mode that can be enabled which prevents depositing and minting. v2 will utilize a contract whitelist to ensure safe lego interactions, and has a full set of expanded token security features that you can read about in our previous article on Yield Options.

Much like the al-assets debt cap, Alchemix will strive to incrementally allow new protocols access to the Alchemix v2 contract in order to protect users.

Alchemix v2 leverages a smart-contract whitelist that will initially allow for permissioned integration with Alchemix. This offers an optimal balance between guarding against exploits and allowing DeFi lego integrations. With subsequent audits and verification of Alchemix v2, governance can consider removing the whitelist requirement to make Alchemix v2 fully permissionless for integrators. EOAs are not subject to the whitelist, and can always interact with Alchemix v2.

If you’re part of a protocol who wishes to integrate with the powerful features within the Alchemix v2 contract, then join our Discord server and introduce yourself to begin the onboarding process.

Please note: Contracts that look to utilize composability features will need to apply to be accepted through the strict vetting and whitelisting process.

Join the Discord to become part of our community of amazing supporters and users.

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