Farm Migrations: How To

On June 2, Alchemix will have migrated their farming rewards for the ETH/ALCX SLP and alUSD3CRV LP tokens. This article will serve as a visual guide in the process.


On, navigate to the Retired Farms section and select the ALCX/ETH SLP pool.

Then select “Exit: Claim & Unstake”

Then click on the ALCX/ETH SLP Card under Active Farms, which will take you to, which should have a clear banner directing you to the ALCX/ETH pool. From there, approve the SLP tokens for the pool and then deposit to start earning ALCX and SUSHI.


On, navigate to the Retired Farms section and select the alUSD3CRV pool.

Then select “Exit: Claim & Unstake”

Then navigate to the alUSD3CRV pool under “Active Farms”

Then input an amount to stake, approve the transaction, then stake alUSD3CRV LP tokens. You will earn both ALCX and CRV rewards. Alternatively, you can stake these tokens on Curve’s UI at

We recommend users to stake on Convex however. Users will get boosted CRV rewards, bonus CVX rewards, and ALCX rewards. They do not charge any fees on the ALCX either. The additional bonus of this is that Convex will allocate more of it’s voting power to pool with more tvl in their system. So the more users that deposit into Convex, the more CRV rewards will flow to our Curve pool.

Navigate to the bottom of the convex staking page and deposit alUSD3CRV LP tokens there.

If you have any questions about the new farming setup please feel free to pop by in our Discord channel and you’ll find plenty of motivated Alchemist’s ready to help steer you through it.

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