Our first art competition -NFBible

Securing our place in NFT history

At Alchemix we like to think of ourselves as open minded and completely intrigued by community participation. We want to encourage lateral, creative thinking and innovation. After all, we’ve created one of the most interesting lego blocks in DeFi, and we’ll be relying on the community to help build an abstracted ecosystem on top of it.

This is why we’re excited to finally announce our very first art competition:

It is time…

Alchemix is excited to be part of the NFBible project — but we need your help:

In order to etch Alchemix into the slabs of NFT history, we want to dedicate 1 $PAGE of the NFBIBLE to a piece of artwork generated by this community.

It doesn’t matter if you’re spitting memes, creating fine art or coming up with stuff that’s only understood by only the wisest of mages, all Alchemix-themed still-image submissions are welcome. Take note that it’s a book we’re talking about, so your submissions will be best viewed in portrait mode.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

The channel will stay open for 2 weeks with a 1 day slow mode, so posting multiple entries is possible.

After the submission time frame is over, we’ll proceed with a 1 week voting phase where only the hottest, most magical mastery of arts will take the crown.

But like the old saying “There can be only one”, the winner takes it all; which in this case means they’ll receive a $BIBLE token which is redeemable for one of 1024 printed copies of the Non-Fungible Bible.

So, get brewin’, witches and wizards!

For more info on the NFBible project and entry requirements please check out:

Since the final submission will be printed, there are some technicalities like canvas size being 195×295mm, images should be 300+ dpi with CMYK color, you know, to get the best printing results. But don’t worry too much, we can help you out if you’re struggling with this.

If you haven’t already, become part of our community, join our Discord and share your creativity.